moniker is like the laziest moniker, right?  is there an artist “alias”?  well, there is a john doe.  but anyway, its pretty lazy.  wait, what?  umm, I mean it’s deep and very sophisticated commentary on the use of . . . well . . . monikers in the artistic community.   yeah, just ignore that first part.  so anyway –

moniker (american b. 1976) combines satire, pop culture, and dark humour to produce works of political, religious and social commentary.   simple but intricate.  impossible to define.  his style is raw giving each piece a unique life of its own.  that sounds good right?

What is SlackCandy?

Probably what you are doing right now.  Surfing the interwebs, staring at your phone, flipping thru mind numbing tv channels.  Hang on, I just got a facebook update . . . okay, sorry, where were we?  oh, yes, all these little nuggets of brain candy in this instant gratification society for . . . you know what, i’m kinda bored, i’ll just finish this later.